Frequently Asked Questions

What cities do you service?

We offer our services to the GTA, Hamilton, Barrie, Pickering, Windsor & Southern Ontario area.

How long does it take?

Refinishing a tub, sink or countertop takes approximately three to four hours. That’s it.

Is the new finish the same as the original finish?

We use a patented polymer that bonds directly to the tub. It has the same look and feel of a new tub.

How long after completion before we can use the tub?

Same day use with our premium topcoat. You can shower within 2 hours with our new low VOC coating.

What kind of repairs can you do?

For bath fixtures, we can fix cracks, rust, scratches, dull spots, chips, pits and discoloration in the refinishing process. Kitchens countertops with knife cuts, scratches, burns and chips will also look like new.

Is your coating compliant with the new federal VOC guidelines?

Yes. Our newest coating is fully compliant with the latest federal government requirements. It’s the most environmentally friendly coating in the industry.

Are your technicians factory trained?

Yes. Our technicians have completed an intensive factory training course. They are instructed in the latest application and repair techniques as well as how to keep the worksite clean and safe.

Is “reglazing” the same as “refinishing”?

Yes, they both describe the act of preparing and refinishing porcelain, tile or laminate fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen.

What colours are available?

Refinishing offers many standard colors with an infinite amount of custom colours available.

Will my tub look painted?

No. It won’t have brush marks or drips. The topcoat material is applied with a spray gun that yields a super-smooth, high gloss finish.

What if my fixture is damaged?

No problem. In fact, that’s one of the major reasons fixtures are refinished. Part of the process is fixing all types of damage. Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you our professional opinion.

What bathroom and kitchen surfaces can be refinished?

Tubs, wall tile, sinks, vanity tops, showers and shower bases, cultured marble, Formica countertops, cabinets, cast iron porcelain, pressed steel enamel, fiberglass, and acrylic.

My tub was refinished by someone else and is peeling. What happened?

More than likely shortcuts were taken during the preparation process. This results in a weak bond between the topcoat and the previous finish. We meticulously prepare the surface so the bond is super strong resulting in years of use. We don’t skip steps and use the best premium materials in the business.

My fiberglass tub/shower has a crack in it. Can it be repaired?

Absolutely. We have several processes to fix fiberglass fixtures. The preferred method matches the severity of the damage. Call us and we’ll listen to your needs and recommend the most cost effective solution.


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